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The Bureau of Cultural Investigations, through conducting research of a wide spectrum of themes and methods, advises architectural practices and cultural institutions with design praxis and narrative constructions. A diverse team of researchers, each with unique tools and ways of seeing, work together to accomplish new waves in architectural and cultural design compositions.  

Doron von Beider is an architect, researcher, and an academic. Working in collaboration with industry peers, theorists, curators, and artists. He has led the research of acclaimed projects around the globe resulting in design paradigms that brought a wide spectrum of academic architectural analysis and research in practice into one. He created scenography for numerous international exhibitions and is the author and contributor to a number of critical publications.

In 2010 he founded the research agency – Bureau of Cultural Investigations - where his interests and works collected over a decade provide him with a comprehensive understanding of different knowledge systems, including early history to the modernity of architecture, art, furniture and fashion design. Geographies, anthropological, historical, race, gender, queer, religious, and cultural theories, and their intersectional influences on the built environment and its related disciplines of all scales. 


In 2017- 2023 he acted as Head of Research at Adjaye Associates, where he established and formalized the research department, as a research director, he led the research teams in London, Accra and New York. His focus and responsibility were to conduct original research based on thoroughgoing investigations of history, theory, philosophy, culture, and the interpretations of future thinking into a strategic advantage for spatial design responses, cultural and social impact - work that was integrated into all aspects of the design process, supporting the practice international projects and competitions. 

He lectures, teaches, leads workshops, and critiques in leading academies and institutions around the world.

Doron von Beider
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